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Dr. Lynn Fontana

About Me

I am a lifetime learner, always seeking, always excited to meet and take in new ideas for better serving my clients. My philosophy of change and therapeutic approach are stylistically holistic; integrating the mind, body and spirit. I offer a trauma-informed, social justice oriented, and collaborative approach to therapy. My practice respects all aspects of an individual’s identity and their relationships, and how that influences life’s challenges.


I believe that each person, family and each couple-ship already have the critical resources and capacity necessary for growth. I offer an outside perspective and new strategies and interpretations of each person’s story, in an atmosphere without blame. We move to identify what is effective now, bring in solutions and interventions to achieve the change you desire. If there are places in your life that are stuck because of traumatic experiences. We can address those so that you can get on with your life. 


Simply put, I have over the years developed a highly effective integrative approach in the widest range of areas to address the goals you are desiring. 


I have been interested in peoples and cultures of the world. I have been fortunate to have traveled and lived in quite a few places. I delight in the history and neurology that is unfolding. It is a dynamic time to be learning and sharing.

I received a PhD in Counseling Education for Oregon State University and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Springfield College. 


  • Adjunct Professor At Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education & Counseling in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program.

  • EMDRIA approved EMDR Consultant & Training Facilitator

  • AAMFT Approved National/State Supervisor for MFT/LPC licensure

  • Two time Past-President of the Oregon Counseling Association (ORCA)

  • Post-graduate certificate in Interpersonal Neurobiology from Portland State University.

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